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Always passionate about his own health and fitness it was no surprise Matt (aka. Matthew) began his career as a personal trainer, whilst working with clients to achieve their fitness goals he realised that for most people the exercise was the easy part.

Time and time again clients found themselves plateauing and it became obvious why! The hard part was NUTRITION, you can train all you like but if your diet isn’t on track then you would be wasting your time!

So, Matt decided to cook, his first 2 clients were his best mates Darren and James. Darren was always going to be easy to please given his current meals stunk out the entire staff room. Being the typical “bodybuilder” Darren saw food as “fuel” and nothing else so when he received his first batch of meals the feedback was great. Unlike the easy to please Daz however James’ tastes were a little more discerning and he didn’t hesitate in giving me some no so gentle constructive criticism “mate these are SH&**T house”. The undercooked veggies were that Matt insisted just needed a little longer in the microwave was one of the highlights.

Back to the kitchen Matt went and a few practices runs later even James was excited to receive his meal packs each week. I guess practice really does make perfect and yet again we have to admit that mum was right as usual!!! From there it was a snowball effect and Matt started cook for friends, local gym goers, supplement store owners and his brother’s concreters and construction workers, though he still can’t convince his brother to come over to clean eating but that’s a whole other story.

Eventually Matt had to give up PT and his retail job to concentrate on the things that he loved most – cooking, eating and training. What started as a passion to get real results for his clients and friends had quickly become his lifestyle and Matt found himself a business owner/chef/delivery driving designing/selling/making and delivering over 200 meals a week.

After blowing up his mum’s oven it was time Matt moved his business into a commercial kitchen. It was time to take MNK Food to the next level!

A close friend Steve Harrison put him onto Jane de Rosso who ran an established kitchen in Bentleigh. Kitchen sorted Matt knew that healthy food would need to taste as good as it made you feel to really sell so the hunt for MNK’s first professional chef was on. Kitchen book and chef hired chapter ONE of the MNK Food story was really over and his dream of prepping fresh, healthy and tasty meals for the masses was quickly becoming a reality.

After a few weeks’ Matt started to get into the grove and cooking 150 meals in 4 hours was a breeze. Orders came rushing in and the website was built to keep up with demand, this was it Matt was determined to take this as far as possible and his “do or die” attitude got him to the 300meal mark in less than 4months!

Matt gained respect in the industry quickly because of what his brand represented, NEVER sacrificing high quality, fresh ingredients to increase his bottom line. These ethics brought him to Nutritionist Alannagh Pooley (Owner of Fullfitment Health & Fitness) who took him under her wing and mentored him in the worlds of Nutrition and small business! With Alannagh’s experience and expertise and Matt’s dedication to his premium quality product MNK Food become unstoppable!

Meeting so many amazing people in the industry Matt decided that MNK Food would sponsor a select few athletes (including bodybuilders, elite boxers and powerlifters) in an aim to help them reach the pinnacle of their sports. The response was massive and his athletes became proud walking billboards for the MNK Food range and the orders just kept coming in.

With only 24 hours in the day and cooking, delivering, ordering, social media and athlete management to be done Matt knew he needed to take a step back and run the business, to turn a small business into a company and so matt decided to get out of the kitchen and focus on growing his business.

After an exhausting search, Matt found a kitchen in Sydney with a team of qualified chefs, cooks and distributers able to deliver the meals FRESH Melbourne and Sydney wide. MNK Food is now doing thousands of meals weekly and participating in some of the biggest events in Melbourne including the “Arnold Classic Australia” where they sold out every day.

To sum it all up MNK Food isn’t just a business it’s a FAMILY business striving to provide fresh food for everyone!

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Too busy to cook your meals?
Sick of buying cheap, nasty takeaway?
Grocery shopping getting you down?

Don’t stress, MNK Food is here to help!
Our food is made FRESH, cooked, weighed and nutritionally approved.
We support Aussie farmers and businesses with all our ingredients sourced from Australia’s best suppliers and ensuring all cattle are grass feed with no added hormones or preservatives.
We Cater for everyone Gluten Free, Dairy Free, High Protein, Low Carb, Calorie Controlled, Portion Controlled, For Him, For Her, Side Dishes, Breakfast, Snacks, Sauces and Sides.
With all your meals made fresh, hand cooked, weighed and delivered to your door. We free up your time for the more important things in your life!

When it comes to quality, there is no substitute for fresh food! Whether you’re addicted to the gym or starting your weight loss journey the first time in decades MNK is the perfect option to change your life today. Supplying to Melbourne and Sydney and spreading the love of healthy fresh food is our main mission. We offer our clients online support and assistance to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.


Matthew Frenkel
Owner MNKFood

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NOTE: To maximise the taste of our meals due to the freshly cooked and preservative free nature of our food:

  • All dishes should be refrigerated immediately
  • All fish and salad dishes should only be refrigerated and consumed within 5-7 days of delivery
  • Any dish to be consumed more than 7 days after delivery should be frozen immediately and defrosted for at least 12 hours before consumption — microwave defrosting not recommended
  • Mains (not salads) and soups may be reheated but care should be taken to not overcook to guarantee the best taste


Just like my Mumma Cooks it


Not only are the MNK meals so delicious, convenient and time saving they are actually well balanced and calorie controlled, which I’m definitely thankful & in conjunction with an exercise program it helped me lose the excess weight, dropped the body fat and has improved my health!


So convenient, I’m usually so busy and the best highlight of my day is coming home to MNK


Fresh clean and helps me stay on track with my training


I can’t believe this is actually good for me, it tastes amazing


Best meal service I have ever used