Meals have a shelf life of seven to ten days and should not be eaten past the expire date that is located on the pack.

Yes, the meals can be frozen but please ensure they are not past expiry date when it’s put into the freezer. To ensure the meals do not dry out, pull out of the freezer and thaw overnight in the fridge.

  • MNK Meal = 2 – 3 minutes on High setting.
  • Carb side dish = 1- 2 minutes on High setting.

Yes, the meal pack you have selected will all come in that one delivery.

Yes, the meals are transported in a refrigerated van and are delivered in either a polystyrene box or a cooler bag containing icepacks. The meals can be left unattended for up to 4 hours. ext.

Free meal pick up days and times are listed on the website under Pick up/ Delivery.

Orders are placed no LATER than midday Monday for Thursday delivery or midday Thursday for the followng Tuesday delivery.

Currently we cannot cater for customised meals, our aim is to deliver the best quality meals with our current menu for all our customers.

Yes, our meats have “Halal Certification” HOWEVER with changing menus please contact us to confirm each meal.

Yes, all our packaging is safe to microwave and are BPA FREE (Bisphenol A Free), however it is not advised to microwave the salads.